Privacy Policy

The Owner (Sara Zara Creations Proprietorship Firm, Mumbai) may receive and collect Data as described under clause 1, during and / or out of course of access or use of this Website which is created by the Developer (Kubic Technology, Malad, Mumbai) or of the Products, and the same shall be governed by this Privacy Policy. This document is an electronic record as per the Information Technology Act and the same being generated by a computer, does not require any physical or digital signature, hence, your access or use of this Website, use of the Products or entering any Data on the Website automatically signifies your consent to be bound by this Privacy Policy. The Owner values the trust you place in it and it insists you to carefully peruse and understand the same before accessing and / or using the Website or Products and before entering the Data on the Website for any purpose whatsoever.

It is apprised to you that the Owner may, at its sole discretion, alter, modify, amend or remove the terms of this Privacy Policy without giving notice to you, therefore, kindly apprise yourself with all such changes in order to ensure due compliance of the same.

1. What type of data do we receive / collect?

  • 1.1. Personal information such as your name, contact number, residential address, email address, etc.

  • 1.2. Professional information such as your company details, GST Number, etc.

  • 1.3. Purchase information such as your billing address, preference of size, colour, Product, etc.

  • 1.4. Communications with the Owner / Sarazaracreations Team member on WhatsApp, Email, telephone, etc.

  • 1.5. Browsing information such as your Internet Protocol Address, Internet Service Provider, Web Browser, Operating System, Geolocation, etc.

  • 1.6. Automated information such as your clickstream patterns and paths, heatmaps, etc.

  • 1.7. Statistical information such as your use and preference with the Website and Products offered by the Owner, number of Product returns made by you, etc.

  • 1.8. Other content such as the reviews posted on the Website, etc.

  • 1.9. Any other information received as a consequence to your access or use of the Website or use of the Products.

2. What type of data do you receive?

You shall receive Financial information of the Owner such as its bank account details to make the payment of the order placed by you.

3. Why do we receive / collect data?

The Owner collects your data in order to provide efficient services to you; to comply with its legal obligation; to improve its Products and services provided by the Owner; to ensure your valid identification and authentication; to main your record; to conduct internal research on your demographics, interests, and behaviour; to administer the Website; and to communicate with you for understanding your queries and for providing requisite information regarding the same to you.

4. Where do we store the data?

  • 4.1. The data received by the Owner is stored physically in a safe Server installed and maintained at the headquarters of the Developer.

  • 4.2. The data received by the Owner is also stored virtually in Log Files and Cookies.

  • • Log files and Cookies are brief records of your information stored on the hard drive for purposes of enabling, easing and improving your access or use of the Website.

  • • Such records may be strictly necessary without which desired services cannot be availed; or may be partially necessary to assess your performance and to enable tailoring of such services to suit your needs; or may be optional to introduce you with advertisement campaigns related to your interests.

  • • You have the liberty to enable or disable creation, maintenance and accessing of such records by the Owner through respective settings of your equipment and facilities utilized for access or use of the Website.

5. Data Protection

  • 5.1. The Data received and collected by the Owner is protected in several ways. It is stored in a secured Server and it is encrypted whenever it is transmitted to the Owner. The Owner protects the Data in compliance with laws prevailing in the Republic of India.

  • 5.2. You are also required to protect the data (Financial Information) received by you from the Owner.

6. Data Sharing

The Owner may share or disclose the date received and / or collected from you with the Law enforcement officers, agencies and adjudicatory bodies; with such other Authorities if required to do so under the laws of Republic of India; with any third party if such disclosure of data is necessary to provide services to you and to fulfill the Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use and Return and Refund Policy; with its Lawyers, Accountants, and such other such professional bodies; and with any other person and / or entity as may be necessary under the law as well as for fulfilment of the services provided by the Owner to you.

7. Data Retention

The Owner shall retain your data with itself during and until you continue to avail its Services, or longer if required for facilitating, record-keeping, accounting, investigating, troubleshooting problems, resolving disputes and / or legal purposes, as may be deemed fit by the Owner.

8. Data Confidentiality

  • 8.1. The Owner shall endeavour to maintain confidentiality of the data received and collected from you (which you inform to be confidential in nature) with the same degree of care as it would deploy to protect its own Confidential Information.

  • 8.2. You are also required to maintain confidentiality of the financial information received by you from the Owner.

9. Warranty

You warrant that the data uploaded, posted and entered by you on the Website is legal, accurate, authentic and correct.

10. Disclaimer of Liability

  • 10.1. The Owner does not claim any ownership upon your data or upon the data of any third parties posted, uploaded or entered on the Website.

  • 10.2. The Owner shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused owing to the legality, accuracy, authenticity and correctness of the data posted, uploaded or entered on the Website by you.

  • 10.3. The Owner shall not be liable for any loss of your data owing to sharing of the same with any third party and although the same be consequential to services of the Owner, such data shall be governed by respective Privacy Policies of such third parties.

  • 10.4. The Owner shall not liable for any loss of your data owing to your unauthorised access or use of the Website or Products of the Owner.

  • 10.5. The Owner shall not be liable for any loss of your data or any consequential loss or damage caused due to reasons beyond its control including but not limited to maintenance, power failure, server malfunction, content loss, misuse or abuse, unwarranted access gained by hackers, viruses or like infiltrators, force majeure, negligence of the Developer, etc.

  • 10.6. The Owner shall not be liable for any loss of your data or any consequential loss or damage caused due to human error or error of opinion.

  • 10.7. The Owner shall not be liable for loss of your data or any consequential loss caused as a consequence of any act or omission at the behest of any person or entity representing the Owner without due authorization from the Owner.

  • 10.8. You shall solely be liable for any loss or damage caused to the data belonging to you or to any third party or to the Owner, or for any consequential loss or damage caused to any person and / or entity, owing to the acts or omissions on your part.

11. Indemnification

You shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Owner for any loss or damage caused to any person and / or entity as a consequence of your acts or omissions.

12. Grievance Redressal and Customer Support

  • 12.1. All grievances with respect to privacy and protection of data shall be addressed Mrs. Mushira Shaikh (Grievance Officer) and you are insisted to write to her regarding the grievance, at or WhatsApp or text message her on +919004929161.

  • 12.2. The Grievance Officer shall endeavour to get back to you within 5 working days of receipt of your communication, and the redressal / closure of your issue shall be done at the earliest.

13. Dispute Resolution

Any dispute between the Parties during and / or out of course of; arising out of; and / or as a consequence of this Privacy Policy shall be promptly intimated by the disputing Party to the other Party, and the same shall be amicably resolved by the Parties within further 25 days. Either Party may, in the event that such dispute is not resolved amicably, issue a Notice of 15 days to the other Party for resolving the same by Arbitration proceedings governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and the venue for the same shall be at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

14. Governing Law

The Terms and Conditions, and the aforesaid process of dispute shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Republic of India and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Competent Courts at Mumbai, Maharashtra.